Archon Dronics is hiring!

See this link for current openings.

We welcome applications on a rolling basis from candidates with exceptional skills in the following domains.
Excellent knowledge of English and good working knowledge of Italian is desired.
We welcome senior and junior candidates alike, with maximum flexibility on the contracting/employment options.

– Computer Science: Specialist in A.I. – Automated Planning and Scheduling, Optimization.
– Computer Science: Specialist in Image Processing, Computer Vision.
– Computer Engineering: Specialist in System Administration, Computer Security and Networking.
– Computer Engineering: Specialist in Robotics (ROS).
– Web Development: Specialist in Frontend Development.
– VR Development: Specialist in AR/VR interface programming (Unity3D, HTC Vive).
– Business and Marketing: Analysis and Business Intelligence.
– Communication: Multimedia Specialist (video shooting/editing, photography, special effects).
– Communication: Graphics and Storytelling (web, art, digital).
– Administration: Executive Assistant / Director of Logistics

For all applications, send an email to info@archon.ai.
We apologize in advance in case we don’t offer an immediate followup.
You will be inserted in the HR database for future positions regardless of the outcome of the application.