Archon approach combines the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) technology to that of artificial intelligence and robotics. It offers a more efficient, fully automatized set of services potentially addressing all existing and future needs of efficient video/photo imaging, both in private, industrial and urban setting (visualization, monitoring, inspection, alarm response, aerial photography, etc.). The company provides a flexible array of end-to-end solutions deploying drones to perform inspection, maintenance, video surveillance, safeguard of national heritage for all those customers who show an interest toward the automatization of their security operations or require an improvement of inspection and maintenance activities of plants, industrial settings, machineries (Energy, Chemical, Mines, Oil&Gas, Aerospace).


Archon platform of services is based on some unique technological features:
– a special landing plugin, which transforms any flying UAV in a potential rover, once it lands and hits the ground
– a fleet of multiple drones, capable of complex operations thanks to a proprietary optimization system based on temporal planning and constraint programming, typical of AI rovers
– a newly designed recharging station, which overcomes the limited battery of the vehicles and allows the 24/7 operability of UAVs, while providing a safe landing spot also in hostile weather conditions
– a web interface, which designs and control the mapping of a chosen area and the simulation in 3D of all drones operations, along with the streaming of all visual data, easily accessed and managed through a compelling and unique virtual reality design